Pets in Need provides only a few services

What does Pets in Need offer? Mostly we offer soft tissue surgery and dental treatments. We only operate a couple of days a month. Because we do not have our own location (we borrow space from local shelters when we can), we generally cannot offer the following services:

  • Medical appointments to see a sick pet..

  • Treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease

  • Vaccines, heartworm tests, flea treatments or any other wellness services.

We also cannot perform any of the following:

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Follow up surgery if you have had a procedure done at a vet clinic already

  • Any surgery that costs more than the average client at an average vet clinic could afford

  • Any surgery that requires hospitalization afterward, unless we can arrange for aftercare for your pet at a veterinary clinic.

WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PROVIDE MONEY FOR YOU TO PAY YOUR VETERINARY BILLS. We barely have enough money to do what we do. There are ways to seek money for these things. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions. Go to or for possible help.

We thank you for your understanding. Our dream is to provide help on a regular basis. But, with just one vet and a couple of volunteers, we are EXTREMELY LIMITED in what help we can provide.