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Today ,March 16, 2017 -  Is a GREAT DAY to shop at Amazon!!!  Any purchases from Amazon through Amazon Smile - choosing "Pets in Need - West Michigan" as your charity - will generate 10 times the usual donation to our nonprofit!!!!! Best of all, it doesn't cost you anything  (except a few seconds to click on "Pets in Need - West Michigan" as your Amazon Smile charity if you haven't already).  Your Amazon Smile donation will make everyone smile, or purr, or wag their tail, whatever the case may be!  Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!

As our week of 'list of thank yous' continues...

As you may know, it is around the one year anniversary of Pets In Need and naturally we are very emotional. That is why we can't help but show our gratitude to Chad Mann and everyone at Med-Tech Support Services for helping us attain affordable medical equipment! Because of Chad's persistence and effort, we were able to procure a drill (which is very expensive) to perform necessary dental treatments for animals (one of the most frequent causes for visits to the vet). Without saving that money, we don't know where we or the needy pets of the world would be. Thank you Chad and Med-Tech Support Services for all you do to help pets in Need in our community!

A Special Shoutout: Thank You, Bissell Pet Foundation!

One of the first to lend a helping hand is the Bissell Pet Foundation! We would not be PIN without them. They took a leap of faith with their early and generous support of our fledgling nonprofit. Their grant allows PIN to buy needed medicine and supplies. PIN works every day to uphold their mission, which is to reduce the number of homeless pets. We help keep pets in their homes by performing procedures that might cause people to have to give up their pet to a shelter. Through the support from Bissell, we are able to buy the medical supplies needed to keep your pets happy and healthy in a cost friendly way!


Dogs and Cats Need Dental Work Too!!!

Some fun facts about your pet's teeth:

- Dogs have 42 teeth and cats have 30, compared to humans, who usually have 32 teeth (28 if the wisdom teeth are removed)
- Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats, meaning good dental health can literally add YEARS to your pet's life!
- Dental disease can cause many other diseases, including heart disease and kidney disease
- You can brush your pet's teeth! Just don't use "people toothpaste". There are toothpastes made just for your pet - with yummy flavors they'll love like chicken and tuna! 
- Once you see buildup on your pet's teeth, no amount of brushing will remove that tartar. That is when your pet needs a professional dental cleaning!
- Dental cleaning does require general anesthesia

Remember, vets are pet dentists! Ask your vet about getting your pet's teeth cleaned!

Lend a Helping Paw

We were able to help so many of our furry friends last week! Including:
- Blue - emergency surgery last Tuesday to repair injuries sustained in a hit-by-car accident 4 days prior
- Peanut - a cat that needed dental treatment
- Fred - a dog that needed dental treatment
- Star - a dog that needed dental treatment with extractions
- Paws - a dog that needed dental treatment with extractions
- Dolly - a dog that needed dental treatment with extraction

Of these 6 patients, only two were able to pay.  The cost of each service was $60.00.  If we were paid for each, Pets in Need would have received $360.00.  As we are all volunteers here, we received only $160.00 (one very kind woman paid $100.00 for her dog's $60 dental, giving us a $40.00 donation).

Thus, Pets in Need came up $200 short.

So we need your help! By going to our "Donate" tab and giving whatever you can, we can make our services available to more owners and help more families!

Thank you in advance from all of us and this cute little Golden Retriever puppy courtesy of Google!


Baby Blue

Pets in Need was honored to be able to help this brave pit bull last week. Blue* had a rough life - he was chained outside all the time until his new mom rescued him. Sadly, Blue slipped away from his pet sitter and was hit by a car. He sustained serious injuries including a severe soft tissue injury that required surgery. His mom, Tonya*, had no extra funds - she barely makes ends meet, and didn't plan on adopting a dog, but she couldn't refuse help to Blue. For 4 days Blue suffered while his mom searched for someone, anyone who could help. Finally she found Pets in Need and we were able to provide Blue with the surgery he needed. Poor Blue would not have made it without us, which just goes to show how needed PIN's services are in this community! His mom was incredibly relieved and grateful. She promises she will pay it forward someday, and I truly believe her. But for now - if you think you can spare some funds so that Pets in Need can help other dogs like Blue, we promise to use it to help other needy pets. Head on over to our 'donation' tab to help us help the animals!!!

*Indicates that name has been changed