Pets in Need is temporarily unable to assist


Due to limited resources and support, Pets in Need is temporarily unable to provide assistance. We are working to resolve this issue but for now the tank is empty. Many people are upset - us included! - that we cannot help them. Until more support and resources are found, we cannot promise to help anyone right now, and we do not want to falsely raise hopes that we can help. Hopefully we can resolve this issue and get back to helping soon. The demand has simply overwhelmed us and far exceeds our ability to help.. We are open to any suggestions as to how we can survive as a nonprofit to do our valuable and much needed work. :-(

Pets in Need provides only a few services

What does Pets in Need offer? Mostly we offer soft tissue surgery and dental treatments. We only operate a couple of days a month. Because we do not have our own location (we borrow space from local shelters when we can), we generally cannot offer the following services:

  • Medical appointments to see a sick pet..

  • Treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease

  • Vaccines, heartworm tests, flea treatments or any other wellness services.

We also cannot perform any of the following:

  • Orthopedic surgery

  • Follow up surgery if you have had a procedure done at a vet clinic already

  • Any surgery that costs more than the average client at an average vet clinic could afford

  • Any surgery that requires hospitalization afterward, unless we can arrange for aftercare for your pet at a veterinary clinic.

WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PROVIDE MONEY FOR YOU TO PAY YOUR VETERINARY BILLS. We barely have enough money to do what we do. There are ways to seek money for these things. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions. Go to or for possible help.

We thank you for your understanding. Our dream is to provide help on a regular basis. But, with just one vet and a couple of volunteers, we are EXTREMELY LIMITED in what help we can provide.

"Why won't you answer me, Pets in Need?"

Currently we simply cannot meet the demand for our services.  People have complained "Why don't you answer me?  I have asked for help and you haven't answered!"

That is because we are overwhelmed.  If you write to us, currently we have a several month long waiting list.  There is no guarantee that you will receive help from us.  

We have:

  • No building of our own
  • No paid staff
  • Very little money
  • Very little time outside of our full time jobs (that we need to do in order to pay our bills!)
  • No phone number - because if we did, it would be ringing off the hook and we would have even more people whom we cannot help.
  • To borrow space at local shelters in order to get our work done.  

Pets in Need cares about each and every pet.  However, we simply cannot help everyone who asks for help.  We are a tiny group and we can only help about 4 to 6 animals per month.  This is unfortunate, because we get requests for help nearly every day.

We are actively seeking a partnership with a sponsoring organization.  Our dream is to help everyone who qualifies for help.  That dream is a long way off.

For now, we are doing the best we can, a few pets at a time. 

Look for other funding sources.  Try and  They may be able to give you money to seek help at a regular vet. 

And remember - you MUST be able to certify that you are low income and eligible for our services!!! There are many good, kind veterinarians in private practice who may be able to help you, especially if you can receive funds form the two websites mentioned above. 

Upcoming clinics for your pets!

Pets in need has two clinics this week where we can check out your pet.  No appointments are necessary.

Friday July 27: Southeast Community Outreach Ministry, 1545 Buchanan SW, 49507.

  • 1:00 to 3:00 PM - this is a vaccine wellness clinic sponsored by C-SNIP. Pets in Need will be there also, ready to take care of uncomplicated medical problems such as ear infections or allergies. C-SNIP takes care of the vaccines, flea and heartworm medications and other wellness services for a reasonable fee.  Pets in Need will take care of the medical conditions.  We ask for a small fee to cover some of the costs. 

Saturday July 28: Harbor Humane Society, 14345 Bagley, West Olive, MI 49460

  • 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM - this is a Pets in Need sponsored event. We will see your pet for wellness services (vaccines, etc.) and we can also help with simple medical problems. No appointment is necessary. We ask for donations at this event to cover the costs of medications. 

Buddy The Pup

Meet Buddy! This sweet boy has been struggling with mange. His loving family needed help for him but just couldn't afford the effective but expensive treatment needed to fix Buddy's skin. Thankfully, my wonderful workplace donated some Bravecto and we have been able to treat Buddy for a couple of months now. He has improved tremendously! We hope to have him all better in a couple more months.

We have used up all of our Bravecto and we need to buy more for Buddy - if you care to donate, please click here. On behalf of Buddy and his family, we thank you very much!!!!